Splash that water in your face.

Bite the lemon.

We’re the sour lemon, you take the bite. We want to inspire you to make unexpected wardrobe choices and own them. We hope to encourage you to use statement pieces to express your individuality and character. We dare you to be you.

Splash that water in your face.

Bite the lemon.

We’re the sour lemon, you take the bite. We want to inspire you to make unexpected wardrobe choices and own them. We hope to encourage you to use statement pieces to express your individuality and character. We dare you to be you.



Acide is modern

We are not playing dress up here, so don’t worry, when designing our feather pieces and sheer blouses we do also realize that you have places to go and somewhere to be. Acide is a modern translation of extravagant glamour, making sure we won’t inhibit you in your daily activities.

Acide is dynamic

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and are here to have some fun. We’re a splash in the face to wake you up, a pinch in the arm to see if you are paying attention. Acide is a lively brand, witch an energetic tone of voice.

Acide is niche

We know you want it all, but in order to offer you our best, we have to stay focused; strong statement pieces, which will survive your grand closet and grander lifestyle for many years to come. We will be presenting new styles continuously, but never too many; you will always get a carefully dosed shot of Acide. (Pun intended.)


Acide the brand

With Acide, a name referring to a sour moment that makes your body shiver, our mission is to make dressing up the new casual. Extravagance the new minimalism. We encourage you to effortlessly combine prints and metallics, to lounge in feathers and wear sequins for breakfast. Whether you’re entering your office or a restaurant, whether you’re doing groceries, we want you to feel like every entrance is the entrance. Call it inappropriate glamour, call it fun. We simply hope you’ll look in the mirror and feel alive.

Acide clothing

We know not a day is the same, your plans change, your mood changes. That’s why we are here for you with new styles continuously. We don’t produce seasonal collections months ahead but we try to sell directly to you when we think you want. Our aim is to make creative, sophisticated and wearable fashion more accessible without ever compromising on quality. Our clothes are made for life.

The Woman

You’re ambitious, but you don’t take yourself too seriously. Just like us, you’re the kind of woman that speaks her mind, and is not afraid to be a little bit different. You’re proud to be a woman, and this is the time to celebrate it. We might not be on the forefront of feminism, but we are walking the march. We are joining the celebration and empowerment of women across the world. We’re with you.

Social and environmental commitments

At ACIDE we believe that Social and environmental responsibility is an essential aspect.

  • All our labels, hangtags and shopping bags are made out of recycled materials
  • All our trimmings are made out of sustainable materials
  • Parts of our collection are made in sustainable materials, we are working towards 100% sustainability
  • We are working towards having clever care washing labels in our garments. Please check the clever care website for the best way to treat your garment so it will reduce climate impact and make sure that your clothing will last longer
  • We believe that producing our garments closer to home will have a smaller impact on the environment
  • We produce 100% according obligated and far beyond obligated, Social standards
  • We produce, sell and develop our collection in a new short timeframe which will avoid any overproduction of garments which no customer is willing to buy. We only make what is wanted

For specific questions regarding our materials, productions or other topics? Email us at info@acide.nl



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